About Lotas Yoga

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I’ve always loved yoga – especially hot yoga. In the late ‘90’s I’d bike over the Brooklyn Bridge daily to take an early morning Bikram yoga class. Talk about sweating…I loved it!

In December of 2013 I received my certification as an RYT 200 yoga teacher. I took the training from John and Chris Yax, the owners of Hot House Yoga in Virginia Beach, VA. They are tremendous teachers, and I feel so fortunate to have certified with them.

People often say that they’re not flexible enough to do yoga. I tell them that I had a spinal fusion for scoliosis done when I was young, and can’t bend my back at all. We all have different bodies…and it’s all okay! We do what we can. And it feels good.

In my classes we concentrate on good form in all of the poses, and our mental ‘to do’ lists fall by the wayside. Effort, concentration, focus…we become present. At the end of class we take Savasana, or final relaxation… the most important pose of all. This is how yoga heals you. It’s not just the increase in flexibility, strength and focus that we enjoy with continued practice, but also the groundedness, the ‘being okay in our own skin,’ that nourishes us more and more.

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